Annual Spring Course with Sensei David Jones 8th Dan

In the traditional karate world, Sensei David Jones (8th Dan) really needs no introduction. Chief Instructor for ISKF Alberta, Chairman of ISKF Canada, member of the prestigious ISKF Technical Committee, A-class instructor and A-class international referee, very few people can match his credentials and experience.

It was an honour, therefore, to welcome Sensei Jones to lead the annual ISKF UK spring course in London from 28th to 30th April 2017. Over the three days, participants from around the world were treated to a masterclass in kihon, kata and kumite.

The emphasis throughout was on correct, purposeful and mindful execution of techniques to enable all karateka - whether Kyu grade or Dan grade, young or old - to improve and maximise their potential. For example, Sensei Jones highlighted the principles of contraction and expansion, and of hip rotation and hip vibration, through a series of demanding yet thoroughly enjoyable exercises. Several participants were lucky enough to be asked to demonstrate techniques for Sensei Jones, who always gave invaluable personalised feedback to help them take their karate to the next level.

Particularly memorable were the innovative kicking drills performed from the floor; the detailed analyses of advanced kata such as Sochin and Bassai Sho, including Sensei Jones's superb renditions of them; and Sensei's inspiring and often humorous karate anecdotes, including one about having practised nothing but moving up and down the dojo in basic stances for eight months non-stop 'because I wasn't happy with them'. This story neatly summarises the seriousness and determination with which true karateka seek perfection.

Sensei Ahcene Moussaoui (7th Dan), Chief Instructor of ISKF UK, would like to thank Sensei Jones for taking the time to travel so far to deliver such a successful, well-received course. Sensei Mousssoui would also like to congratulate those who deservedly passed their Dan gradings.

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